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A Soho Engagement Session

We had the best time walking around Soho and Tribeca with Kelsey and Frank for their New York City engagement session. When they suggested the location that was special to them, we were so excited to photograph them on the streets of Soho on what they called their daily walk.

Although Frank works from home, he walks Kelsey to work every day starting on Crosby Street in Soho. Call us romantic, but how sweet is that? When we got to Grand and Broadway we stopped traffic for a New York minute to capture Kelsey and Frank surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

After some laughs and twirls along the way to Howard Street we took a few photos infront of La Mercerie and then made a left and headed towards Canal Street to make our way West to the cobblestones of Tribeca. When we arrived the skies lit up gold, just in time for the sunset over the Hudson River Park. Before heading over to the West Side we stopped on Greenwich Street for one more stroll past all the local favorites. When you’re in such a unique neighborhood you can't help but stop at all the interesting details for the perfect photo. A new storefront, the imperfect cobblestones or just some wall art covered in hearts all make for a great photo op. We finished the engagement session on the pier, just in time for the golden light. Our fun loving couple didn’t need any convincing to kick their heels out and work on some new dance moves. Frank spun and twirled his bride-to-be around like they were the only ones in the city.

The and some sailboats over the Hudson River with an old viewfinder made for beautiful closing shots to their engagement session. After the final click of the camera and when our quarter ran up, we put our gear away and got to chat on our way back to where it all began their daily walk up Crosby Street.

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