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An Intimate Wedding in The Hamptons

Alexa and James’ wedding in Amagansett, New York was a dream was a wedding photographer's dream. A small family affair at a beautiful private estate. A beachfront wedding, gorgeous weather and delicious fare from one of Montauk’s best chefs. When we pulled into the driveway to the gorgeous oceanfront property we found the cutest vintage bikes that had “Just Married” signs on them. Just begging for a couple of riders to make the cutest photo. Little did we know that was just the beginning as the details awaiting us got even better.

After we said our hellos inside the house we toured the ceremony set-up on the beach. Gorgeous flowers, white linen chairs, pillows and gorgeous throws adorned the white sand as the Atlantic ocean and sky bathed the background in the perfect pale blue. Inside the house Alexa got dressed in a stunning room in this architectural masterpiece of a house. The floor to ceiling windows and perfect lighting made for a perfect location to take photographs of this beautiful bride. Her closest friends helped her with her finishing touches as we gave her a few minutes to relax before the ceremony. As Alexa fixed her shoe one last time Rebeca took a beautiful photo peeking through the door that highlights everything about this stunning home.

While Alexa was upstairs James was downstairs greeting their guests as they had cocktails and hors d’oeuvres by the inside/outside infinity pool. As small as this was a family affair they had guests coming in from New York, Michigan and as far as South America. We shot a few photos of James as he got ready to head out to the ceremony. Their guests filed out, he put on his sunglasses, kicked off his shoes and headed up the sand to meet his bride.

As Alexa’s bridesmaids filed out of the top floor room they made their way down a beautiful outdoor staircase. What a gorgeous shot it was seeing them all in one frame as they paved the way for Alexa to make her way down. When she turned the corner she looked out at the horizon, took a deep breath and smiled. Everything was perfect. She gently walked down the stairs and towards the entrance to the private beach. We followed her up the ramp (right by James’ shoes), across the sand for some amazing candid moments and a perfect photo of her veil blowing in the wind.

As the bridesmaids made their way down to the beachfront setting we couldn’t help but notice how perfect this setting was. The 25 guests and dozen others on FACETIME filled the setting with excitement. As James waited barefoot in the sand for his bride to appear we shot some last minute photos of Alexa walking up the final steps of the ramp as she looked at the ocean in the distance.

As she made her entrance everything was beautiful! Just the perfect photo op. This beautiful bride walking through the sand on the perfect beach. The pale blue sky, the soft blue water and gentle ocean breeze gave us all the feeling like we were in a romantic movie. They exchanged vows with only the sound of the ocean behind them. Alexa and James gazed into each others eyes, held each others hands and promised to always celebrate their life together. They said “I Do” and gathered their friends and families for some family photos along the ocean.

As the sun was setting we took some stunning portraits along the beach. With only a few minutes to spare we were able to work magic. They smiled, danced in the sand and took a walk along water as the sun set to the most beautiful pink.

When we all got back to the house it was time for cocktails on the rooftop terrace. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous as the fire pits warmed us all up. There were a couple of toasts and a heart-felt speech from the grooms mother before dinner. The chef prepared a table of seasonal food that each guest was absolutely raving about. The outdoor table had beautiful linens, flatware and glassware that complimented all this delicious food and Dom Perignon Champagne. After dinner the chef laid out some decadent desserts and a classic wedding cake.

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