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Box House Hotel Wedding in Brooklyn | Samantha and Jay

When we showed up at the Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, New York to start the day we were greeted with open arms and welcomed by every family member in the room including the adorable puppy who I just had to meet. Sam had beautiful Badgley Mischka shoes, stunning jewelry and an elegant gown that looked perfect hanging in the stained glass window. We took some more photos before everyone got prepared to celebrate the day ahead. Samantha got some last minute cuddles from her pup before getting into her gown. The most precious moments with your closest friend.

Over on Jay’s side we laid out the tux and had some fun with the last minute details. He was beaming with excitement. Thrilled that today was the day and finally he gets to marry the love of his life. Tying his tie and reading some loving words from his bride was all he needed to get ready for the moments ahead.

When the moment finally came for Samantha and Jay's first look. Jay waited for Samantha on the Brooklyn roof top with the the New York City skyline behind him. When he turned around to see Sam we couldn’t tell if it was the glow from the sunset or the woman in front of him that lit up the the world around them. They laughed, they kissed, they hugged and embraced non-stop during their portrait session and the images are beautiful.  We danced some more and then headed down to the street to get some photos with a very special guest. Farfal was their cute little puppy waiting in the hotel room for his turn in the photographs. He is a large part of their love story and being dog lovers ourselves we couldn’t let the moment pass up to get them photos with their furry little friend. Could there be a better way to end your portrait session with a quiet walk with your best friends…

The ceremony was held at The Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. The retractable roof was opened to let in the beautiful sunlight and views. Family and friends looked on in awe as Samantha and Jay read their vows to each other.

Sam and Jay held hands, smiled, laughed and broke the glass to seal their union. The crowd yelled Mazel Tov as they shared their first kiss as a married couple. We all made our way out to the reception under the night sky. 

Before Samantha and Jay joined the cocktail party they met us on the roof top for some stunning sunset pictures with the New York City skyline behind them.

The Box House was an amazing choice for this gorgeous fall night in Brooklyn. The tables are now set, the candles are all lit and as the guests arrived you could feel that we were in for a great night of celebration.  

As Sam and Jay entered the room the energy went up a notch. The music went up, the vibe in the room was ready to take off and we had a feeling they were just getting started.

Sam and Jay danced the night away, truly cutting up the dance floor and celebrating their relationship. After cutting the wedding cake Sam changed into her party dress. With the lights hitting the sparkles in the dress she grabbed her groom and pulled him back to the center of the dance floor. Our flashes fired a dozen more times as this happy couple kissed under the night sky. 

Samantha & Jay @ Box House . 10.23

Box House, Brooklyn NY

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