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  • Josephine F

A Bonnet Island Estate Wedding

We’ve known these high school sweethearts for quite a while. We first captured Shayne proposing to Joanna on the Pier in Hoboken NJ. We hid under an adjacent pier to capture the moment that he popped the question. We later shot their engagement photos on a cliff in New Paltz, New York. Check the photos here if you want to see how this love story began…

When it came time for the wedding this long-time couple chose the most stunning venues on the New Jersey Shore. Bonnet Island Estate in Manahawkin, NJ is just a stunning location. They have beautiful bridal suites. The waterfront property contains a gorgeous barn, dock and stunning reception room that can host all of your friends and family. The details for the day were just perfect. They both looked absolutely stunning in their respective portraits.

They expressed to us that they wanted to have the first look on the dock so after our photos with the groomsmen we ushered Shayne to the dock to prepare to meet his long-time love. As Shayne waited, this avid outdoorsmen seemed right at home as the ocean breezed cooled any nerves he had. As Joanna walked out on the dock we couldn’t be more excited for the moment they were about to share and our view of it happening. Seeing them approach each other on the dock was so cool. We had a drone filming it from above and it looked like a scene right out of a movie.

Their portraits, bridal party and family all made us feel like we were right at home. Things couldn’t have went better throughout the entire day. We got this epic photo of the entire bridal party on the dock and some party photos we can’t stop looking at. When the golden hour we went back to the barn for some sunset portraits. The sunset lit up this couple in every perfect way. They looked absolutely stunning from every angle.

At the reception our groom switched to a new jacket and was ready to party. The couple and two hundred of their closest friends and family celebrated well into the night. They had their initials in the lights outside the barn in what closed out an amazing day of photography.

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