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  • Josephine F

A Marina Del Rey Wedding

Michelle and Enzo's wedding at Marina Del Rey was one to remember! When we we initially contacted by Enzo and Michelle we were only 6 weeks out from their wedding date at Marina Del Rey. They got referred to us from a colleague who said he had an amazing couple that needed a photographer for their upcoming wedding. It was in the thick of the wedding season and we weren't sure about taking another wedding on, but after speaking to Enzo we knew had to capture their wedding day. Enzo's only questions and concerns were about making sure Michelle had the wedding photos of her dreams. Obviously we are both romantics doing this for a living and Enzo pulled at our heart strings and we all couldn't be any happier we connected for their wedding photography.


Michelle was getting ready in the bridal suite at Marina Del Rey. The bridal suite was full of life, laughter and family who were ready to celebrate. Michelle was finishing some last minute details when she decided that her veil needed to be steamed. The moment was so picturesque as our bride held her veil from underneath as she did her best to get the wrinkles out. This photo is the definition of candid photography…. As she got dressed in-front of the window we couldn’t help but notice the ease of making this stunning bride camera friendly. Michelle looked absolutely ecstatic as the time to meet her groom was approaching and you could tell from across the room.

Nearby at the hotel Enzo was getting ready with his parade of guys. Andrew grabbed the groom and his best man to head down to the lobby to get some portraits in the empty room. After some final touches and some arm wrestling with his best man Pete, Enzo was off to Marina Del Rey to meet his bride to be. When he showed up a few minutes early we had to have him wait outside while Michelle got set up for the first look. Grabbing some photos of Enzo running through the streets to meet his girl was just a hilarious moment in what was to be a day full of incredible moments.

Setting up Enzo and at their request, some of their closest friends and family for the first look was so much fun. As his back was turned we brought out Michelle. Enzo could hear his bride to be behind him and the excitement was building. He turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes. This couple couldn’t hide the excitement and love they had for one another. We shot some photos with them in the garden and then on the dock which was bathed in the most beautiful overcast light. As we walked back to the venue we shot a few photos and sent the couple away to relax for a few minutes before their ceremony. When Rebeca and I saw them walk away we agreed that we couldn’t wait to see what Michelle and Enzo had in store for the rest of the wedding day….

When the time came for the ceremony we were so excited. The sky lit up gold as Michelle walked down the aisle. Rebeca got an incredible photograph of this gorgeous bride bathed in light as she set out to meet her groom. The chose to exchange their vows and as Michelle finished Enzo pulled out a scroll to tell a bit of a story. He spoke about how Michelle crashed his house party and was a total stranger to everyone in the room. They met, he asked “who are you and why are you at my party?” Since that moment they have been inseparable. After their vows were done, they both said “I do” and walked off to watch the sunset on the pier.

Their reception started and was full of amazing moments. An epic entrance, some sentimental family dances, surprise Irish step dance and brilliant firework show to cap off the night. Marina Del Rey really knows how to host a party. As the night went on the couple danced the night away Rebeca and I couldn’t have felt luckier to have been there to capture it. Michelle and Enzos wedding day was one to remember.

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