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Meghan and Devon's Wedding at The Abbey Inn & Spa

Meghan & Devon’s wedding day at the Abbey Inn & Spa was nothing short of perfect. It was a wonderful family affair with memorable first looks, stunning portraits, perfect lighting, a sun shower that provided an epic rainbow that preceded a gorgeous sunset…. Just perfect…

When we arrived at the bridal suite Meghan was right on point with all of her details. Everything from her jewelry to perfume was laid out beautifully. We hung her dress in the window and the photography began. We gathered the girls on the terrace for some fun-filled photos and a toast to the bride to be. As we went back into the suite Meghan looked at her dress that was lit beautifully in the oversized window. Her mother and her maid of honor helped her with her final touches and we headed out to do a reveal with the rest of the girls on the patio. As Meghan gracefully made her way through the double doors the girls turned around and were so excited to see the stunning bride. After a few minutes her father and brothers came out for their first look at Meghan. They all hugged, kissed and toasted the bride to be as she was prepared to meet her groom.

Meanwhile in the grooms suite Devon couldn’t have been more cool. Getting prepped for the most important day of your life with your brother and best friends…what could be better. The light in the groom suite was just as good and we had an outdoor patio with a putting mat on it. Sometimes all you need is the little things to make the most memorable moments. Capturing these guys getting ready and being themselves was as easy as could be. Devon was ready. He worked on his short game, fixed his suspenders, threw his jacket on and headed out to see Meghan for the first time.

Surrounded by the flowers in the garden Devon waited to meet his bride. Meghan walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and they both shared the one of the most emotional first looks we have ever seen. If they saw each other yesterday it was like they hadn’t seen in a year. It was a moment between two people that we always hope for, when you don’t know if you should just stop and watch, keep snapping photos or just leave them alone to enjoy it privately. This couple made the photography easy as we walked all around the Abbey for stunning backdrops to match this classic couples style. After covering the property we made our way inside to take some photos in the staircase and Cornerstone room. Just perfect.

As it became time for the ceremony the partial clouds and golden sun gave us the perfect lighting on the overlook. As Meghan made her way out all the guests couldn’t help but stare. The settings were so gorgeous she looked like she was glowing coming down the aisle toward Devon. They locked hands and didn’t let go until they read their vows. This wedding was so much more than just these moments. This couple had shared how much they meant to one another and they could never be apart. We were in the presence of true love as they said “I DO!” They sealed it with a kiss, held each others hands and walked out for the first time as a married couple.

The couple was enjoying their cocktail hour when they noticed the sun was about to set. We walked back to the overlook that has a stunning northern view of the Hudson River and lower Hudson Valley. A little rain started to fall as we were finishing up and the couple made their way back to the cocktail hour. As we followed them out we were lucky enough to capture an amazing rainbow with them in the frame. It was an amazing image to cap a special day of photography.

We all headed to the Highlands Ballroom for the reception. The night was full of specialty cocktails, romantic moments, heartfelt speeches and lots of dancing. It was a classy party for a classy couple. Just a perfect wedding day at the perfect venue with the perfect rainbow..

Brides Dress: MadeWithLove

Boutique shop: The White Dress by The Shore

Bridesmaid dresses: BirdyGrey

Grooms Attire: San Marko in Yonkers

Florist: Maple Field Floral

Hair and make up: The Beauty Parlor

Music: Stolen Moments Entertainment

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